Shrimp Fritters with Spicy Moroccan Dipping Sauce Fritters are a traditional African snack food. They’re often made with just pumpkin or sweet potato, but the fritter crust tastes perfect with shrimp, and the dipping sauce is a unique blend of spices. The red wine, rice vinegar and soy sauce make for a tangy-but-warm sauce. We found this recipe at

Roasted Shrimp Appetizer with Spicy Peanut Sauce This isn’t technically an African dish, but the red curry, coconut milk and peanut butter is a classic African combination. These are so easy to pop in your mouth, one after another, and they look elegant on an appetizer tray. We found this recipe at

Fried Eggplant with Honey, Mint and Sesame Seeds This is an Andalusian recipe with distinctly North African ingredients like honey and mint. The soft eggplant soaks up the honey well, and the sesame seeds give a great crunch, while the mint is a surprisingly refreshing after note. We found this recipe at

African Piri-Piri Kabobs If you really need to keep your hungry guests happy while the entrée is running late, feed them these filling kebabs. Piri-piri is a very popular spice in Africa—it’s sweet and spicy and tastes amazing on just about anything grilled. We found this recipe at

Tunisian Potato Turnovers There’s nothing like starch to soak up the pre-dinner cocktails, and these turnovers are a tasty way to do it. They look simple on the outside, but inside they’re bursting with herbs and spices like garlic, cilantro and capers. They’re just the thing to get the tastebuds going. We found this recipe at

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